In Vogue: Trendy Copper Décor for Your Upcoming Event

Part of being a creative designer is keeping an eye on the ever-changing trends, especially as they relate to weddings and other special events. Copper décor is something that I see popping up more and more on client’s wish lists, and it’s easy to see why people are so drawn to it.

While some metals are timeless (silver and gold, for example) some of are definitely considered more trendy. If you need proof of this, just look at the rose gold phenomenon! Rose gold has been everywhere the last few years — from smartphones to watches and even hair color. However, copper décor is having a moment, and this metal trend seems like it’s going to be sticking around a little bit longer.

From what I’ve seen, copper has most often been used as part of a rustic theme, but I really love seeing it used as more of a modern design element. Let’s go over some of the main reasons copper is one of my favorite metallic options when it comes to designing a stunning event.

Copper is Incredibly Versatile

One of the great things about copper is that it pairs so well with many other popular design elements like wood, glass, and even other metals. It can be used as a foil option on invitations and other paper goods, as drinkware, even airbrushed onto a cake. Copper also looks great with most florals, but especially with feminine florals in colors like blush, ivory, and green. This makes it a beautiful choice for vase ware or even bouquet wraps.

However, you don’t have to go with a soft color palette. Copper décor also looks absolutely stunning with dark neutrals such as navy, charcoal, and even black. If you’re planning something a little more masculine or formal, consider copper elements! This versatility is what makes it such a crowd favorite. It looks just as stunning as part of a casual backyard event as it does at a black-tie affair.

Let’s Talk Patina

Copper is unusual in the world of metal because it has the ability to transform. A shiny new-looking piece of copper will patina over time and become even prettier the older it gets. The most famous example of this is the Statue of Liberty.

When we design an event, we think about whether rustic, weathered patina or a shiny, crisp copper would be more ideal. Both are beautiful, it just depends on the rest of the décor and the desired atmosphere of the occasion itself. No matter what kind of event you’re having, copper décor — in one of its beautiful forms — will make it extra special.

It’s Instantly Elegant

Whether you’re using a patinated copper as part of a rustic theme or a polished copper décor for a more modern themed event, it will help to amplify the elegance of the overall design. It stands out in a way that silver, gold, and brass simply cannot.

To add a splash of refinement to your upcoming event, we might add a few stylish place settings, or elegant centerpieces such as copper vases, lanterns, and candle holders to transform the overall look and mood of your event.

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Chelsea Kardokus