How soon should planning start?

This depends on the scale and size of your event. For most of our large events, we like to give ourselves a minimum of 9 months. This doesn’t mean we can’t execute projects more quickly, if you have questions regarding a project please reach out to our office for more information.

What packages does MMC offer?

We offer two main packages full service planning, production and design or creative design services and consultation. However, we are always looking to be involved in unique projects so please reach out and tell us about yours.

Will MMC work with new vendors?

We love all our vendor partners but we hand pick each vendor involved to create a custom experience for you and your event. Our goal is for all our vendors to provide you with an efficient and personalized experience. If you have a vendor, you would like us to vet we will certainly do so.

Should you have a destination event?

This entirely depends on the experience and goals you are looking to achieve for your event. Destination events can require more time, effort and coordination for you and your guests (but that’s why we’re here) and we’d love to help you plan a destination event.

Does MMC hire local vendors or bring vendor teams from other locations?

This is on a project by project basis but the answer is likely both. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality vendors and sometimes that means reaching out a little further to get you the best of the best!

Can I rent from your exclusive rental collection if I am not a client?

Unfortunately, our collection is reserved for client use only. However, if you reach out, we can recommend vendors who may be able to rent you similar pieces.